You must have had the time to see the film “Outsourced”

You have to answer the following questions based on the film. Use as many words as you like. Give references APA style.

  1. How well do you think has this film handled the need for respect for customs and culture? Explain.
  2. How did the respect or lack of respect impact the success that Todd was looking for? Give specific examples.
  3. Todd gets called Mr. Toad all the time by his replacement. He tried changing that a couple of times. Why did he give up and resign to being called a toad?
  4. Do people of different cultures have the same basic motivations in life? Give examples from the film to support your answer.
  5. What would you have done differently from Todd had you been sent instead?
  6. What did you like and dislike in the movie?
  7. Are the lessons you learned in this film relevant to you as you prepare yourself for your career in international business management? Why? or Why not?

please keep easy ease easy

English is my second language

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