Midterm Essay Instructions and Prompt:


For your midterm exam you will write a short essay of 400 words, double spaced.

Do not worry too much about formatting. Often when you upload through VeriCite the formatting changes. However you should try to keep your word count to 400.

The possible point total for this exam is 50. Grading will be as follows:

Thesis Statement: /10

Readings/ Materials Cited: /9

Grammar and Writing: /9

Organization, Clarity of Argument: /12

Conclusion: /10

Total Score: /50

Here is what we mean by each of these categories:

Thesis Statement: Tell us right away what your position is and how you will support it.

Readings/Materials: You must cite at least three readings from the first five weeks. Ideally, most of these citations will be in the body of your paper. You may cite more. Fewer than three will cost you points. To use materials successfully you must either paraphrase or quote directly from your sources and cite the sources as follows (example: Rediker: 27-29) You do not need to provide a full bibliography. If we have read more than one essay by a particular author, indicate this by giving a short-hand of the title of the article (Rediker, Seaman: 27-29).

Grammar and Writing: Please proofread your essay before uploading it. Do not misspell author names, titles, place names etc. Make sure your writing sounds good to your ear. Read it back to yourself or to another person (preferably not from the class…)

Organization/Clarity of Argument: MOST IMPORTANT! Make sure you are providing a clear, well-argued essay with your points defended through appropriate citations. Treat your citations as evidence and use them to persuade your readers. Avoid overly colloquial language (examples: “Leeson needs to step his argument up.” “I have issues with Hobsbawm.”) Recall the lecture from Week 4 which goes over how most essays are structured.

Conclusion: Make sure you finish the essay by re-iterating your main point and reminding your reader how you came to your conclusion. DO NOT FINISH with a broad conclusion and do not start with a very broad introduction. Get right to the point and end succinctly.


Bourdieu defines distinction as the use of cultural capital as an instrument of symbolic domination in which real and symbolic goods, values, meanings and rules help to include or exclude. Hegemonic gender roles (masculinities and femininities) are (at least in part) enforced through practices relating to food in ways that Bourdieu would classify as distinction. Do you agree? If so, why? If not, why not?

Support your answer with at least 3 readings from this course. Sources must be in context. We expect essays with an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion.

You must answer the question, but have fun and be creative

Here is the reading list, you can choose any topics or thesis you like mainly based on these readings. Need at least one citation from these readings.

?Why Do We Overeat?? ? Margaret Mead. FCR 19-22. ?The Abominations of Leviticus? ? Mary Douglas. FCR 48-58 ?The Abominable Pig? ? Marvin Harris. FCR 59-73. ?Industrial Food? ? Jack Goody. FCR 72-90 ?Time, Sugar, and Sweetness? ? Sidney W. Mintz. FCR 91-106. ?Toward a Psychosociology of Contemporary Food Consumption? ? Roland Barthes. FCR 23-30. ?Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste? ? Pierre Bourdieu. FCR 31-39. ?On the Move for Food? ? Deborah Barndt. FCR 472-484. ?The Political Economy of Obesity? ? Alice Julier. FCR. 546-563. ?Want Amid Plenty? ? Janet Poppendieck. FCR 563-571. ?The Overcooked and Underdone? ? T.J.M. Holden. FCR 119-137. ?Domestic Divo?? ? Rebecca Swenson. FCR 137-153. ?Japanese Mothers and Obentos? ? Anne Allison. FCR 154-172. ?Mexicanas? Food Voice and Differential Consciousness? ? Carole Counihan. FCR 173- 186. ?Feeding Hard Bodies? ? Fabio Parasecoli. FCR 284-298.?More than Just the ?Big Piece of Chicken?? ? Psyche Williams-Forson. FCR 107-118. ?Thinking Race Through Corporeal Feminist Theory? ? Rachel Slocum. FCR 211-230. ?Community Food Security ?For Us, By Us?? ? Priscilla McCutcheon. FCR 572-586.

no plagiarize, and please use the readings that I attached, no outside resources needed !!!

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