Answer TWO !!!!! of the three following questions. your answers should reflect your interpretation of the material presented in this course. Be sure to cite specific examples and use both class and outside sources to support your answers. Be sure to use in-class and out of class sources and cite your references. No limits on the number uses of the resources, but at least use 2 in class resources, thanks.

Question 1: . How are artifacts, ecofacts, or features analyzed? Discuss the process of finding, categorizing, and interpreting an archaeological site. Describe at least two analytical methods (in detail) used by archaeologists to interpret archaeological data.

In class rescues:


2. Attached file: tin can archaeology and radiocarbon dates

Question 2: . How did humans arrive in the New World? What are the different hypotheses and which routes might they have used? Describe the evidence and corresponding hypotheses that attempt to answer this question. Be sure to include archaeological evidence from at least three archaeological sites.

In class resource:


2.attached file: PNAS & Clovis Dates

Question 3. Explain the lifestyles of those on the Columbia Plateau and Great Basin. What archaeological evidence supports these behaviors? How do these lifestyles similar or different?

(In class resources, See attached file: Columbia Plateau, Great Basin. )

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