Begin these modules by reviewing your LASSI scores from Module One. There are many items on the LASSI that connect to test preparation and test anxiety: motivation, time management, anxiety, concentration, information processing, selecting main ideas, study aids, self-testing, and test strategies. As you look at your scores, reflect on how you scored in these areas, the changes you have made already, and the impact these areas have on test preparation and anxiety.

Modules Ten and Eleven are set up a little differently than previous modules and are worth more points than other modules, so please be sure to read the directions carefully and let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Part One: Test Preparation

Five Day Study Plan

After you have reflected upon the LASSI elements and their correlation with your current test preparation strategies, let’s explore with the five-day study plan. Start with this short video that describes the five-day study plan; here is the transcript for the video. Also spend time with this website that describes the five-day study plan, which provides additional examples and ideas.

Using Common Sense While Test Taking

Using a strategy like the five-day study plan closely fits with the information we have already covered in this class, including Dr. Chew?s CPEL videos, the science on memory, and the research on time management. Using the five-day study plan will lead to improved test scores. However, there will still be times when you are taking an exam and you do not know the answer to a question. In these cases, you will need to make the best guess you can. A major assignment for this module is to complete a series of self-paced Using Common Sense While Test Taking tutorials that guide you through the process of guessing a correct answer on an exam. These tutorials may be found on D2L under ?quizzes.? Part One guides you through educated guessing the correct answer on true/false exams, Parts Two and Three will assist you in making better guesses on multiple choice exams. As you complete the tutorials, please be sure to slow down and read the information?don?t just click from question to question. When you have completed the three modules, there is a final Content Quiz that tests your comprehension of the content of the modules? information.

REPOWR: A system for Essay Exams

After you have completed the Using Common Sense While Test Taking modules, you will focus on essay exams. Here is a two-part video series that guides you through taking essay tests using the REPOWR method. Part One focuses on the early steps of the REPOWER method and Part Two covers the final steps of REPOWR. Click here to find the Part One Transcript and the Part Two Transcript.

Part Two: Test Anxiety

For your preparation on test anxiety, read this website from Brown University.

Part Three: Your Assignments

Your assignments for Modules Ten and Eleven cover the five-day study strategy, the Using Common Sense While Test Taking tutorials and quiz, and the REPOWR method, and test anxiety.

Test Preparation Assignments (See Part One for Links)

First, view the materials on the five-day study plan and reflect how such a plan fits within your current testing strategy. How does this system compare to your current system? What are its benefits?

Second, complete the three Using Common Sense While Test Taking tutorials, which may be found under ?quizzes.? Then, complete the fourth item, a quiz on the explanations provided in the tutorials.

Third, view the videos on the REPOWR method.

Text Anxiety Assignments (See Part Two for Links)

Your first test anxiety assignment is to complete the online module. Test anxiety will also be a main focus of the discussion.

Discussion Assignment

Your discussion for Modules Ten and Eleven is different than previous modules. Rather than two questions that everyone answers, there will be just one question, and everyone?s question will be different. Follow this link to see which topic related to test anxiety you will be leading. If two of you share the same topic, you will still be working on your own to lead two parallel discussions on the same topic, but most likely with slightly different angles.

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