1. Cell Phones Brands and who to Co Brand WITH

In a professional career, one may be called upon to conduct research and deliver findings in professional settings. No matter how extensive the research or accurate the conclusions, a weak presentation can undermine an argument. A presentation is a tool to assist in making an argument. When creating presentations, students develop skills in researching an issue, synthesizing the information, organizing data logically, and presenting findings in an effective manner.

Principles of an Effective Presentation:

  • You may utilize a product such as Microsoft?s PowerPoint or Google Presentation to create your presentation.
  • There are various template designs that you can find on the web for your presentation. However, first consider your presentation from the perspective of your audience prior to selecting a specific style. Distracting backgrounds, large blocks of text, all uppercase fonts, elaborate font styles, grammatical errors, and misspellings are distracting. Be consistent with the style of text, bullets, and sub-points in order to support a powerful presentation that allows your content to be the focus.
  • Each slide should include your key point(s). Do not place large blocks of text on the visual. Your presentation is not a means of presenting a short paper. In an actual presentation you would not ?read? from your slides but rather use them as prompts.
  • Any notes or narration you would use in delivering this presentation to a group should be listed in the ?notes? section of the slide.
  • References should be listed at the bottom of the slide in slightly smaller text.
  • Use clip art, AutoShapes, pictures, charts, tables, and diagrams to enhance but not overwhelm your content.
  • Be mindful of the intended audience and seek to assess the presentation?s effectiveness by gauging audience comprehension (when possible).

4-6 slides APA Style

2.In recent years celebrity chefs have become very popular. These chefs have also created new brands of products including grocery and cooking products (among others). These chefs have also endorsed existing products. Identify at least three products and three celebrity chefs. What do the products say about the chef and how do their products help to promote their ?brand?? Do you regularly purchase any of the brands or products? Why? Would you consider this as co-branding? Why or why not? Identify a chef that you think has done the best job of creating a brand for him- or herself. Identify a chef that you think has done the best job of using his or her brand to promote another product. Support you selection with evidence.

1 PG apa sTLYE

3. In his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that formal marketing research, including focus groups, is not very valuable and effective because the people being asked to evaluate the product do not take enough time to thoroughly evaluate the product. As a result, it is more effective to just to ask the test group?s first impressions rather than asking for a long evaluation. What are your thoughts on this matter? When responding to your classmates, consider how your impressions have changed about a product and why.

4. this a survey for Disney v. Universal

For Milestone Two, you will submit a survey of questions designed to measure the consumer?s evaluation of the importance of each determinant attribute. (See
Appendix B of the Final Project Document for an example.)
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
1. Determinant Attributes and Questions: This section should ask survey participants to rate the importance of each determinant attribute, on a scale of -3
to , when choosing a product from the product category. Provide a list of questions asking participants to rate each determinant attribute for each
brand within the product category. These questions require consumers to express their beliefs about the determinant attributes of each product being
studied. A scale from (very likely) to -3 (very unlikely) is used.
2. Research Outline: Explain the research plan, determination of research goals and objectives, and a project timeline for execution.
3. Consumer Behaviors: Describe the consumer behaviors that the research plan will help to understand.
4. Value: Survey around the critical element of value so that the team has a clear understanding of what drives the purchase, how customer needs are
defined, and what customers are willing to pay for

3-5 page APA style with a Survey

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