The critique is not required to be any specific page length
or word count as quality is more important than quantity. Place the citation at the upper left hand of
the paper on the top of the page. Use a
title page for your name, course number, title of assignment, and date. The content of the critique should include
the following:

Problem ? usually one sentence

Subjects ? number, type, age, sex

Method ? data gathering procedures including names of
instruments, paper or mechanical

Findings ? include statistical significance levels

Conclusions and implications

Do not regurgitate
the article to me. This is not a summary
but a critique of the methodology used in the study. See me if you have any questions.

Research Article Critique

The following are suggestions for thought when examining each ?facet? of the research.


Was it succinct and clearly stated

Accurately represents the work




Inclusive and clearly stated

Concepts were researchable

Rationale for study was clearly identified

Review of the Literature

Deal with the problem concepts

Flows from lease relevant to most relevant

Primary sources were used

References current

Appropriate classic sources included

Documentation was clear and complete

Review was summarized at the end with implications for proposed study

Study Framework

Necessary concepts included

Concepts present succinctly

Concepts/theory served as foundation for the methodology


Clearly derived from the concepts/theoretical framework

If appropriate to the study, it was clearly stated

Hypothesis was clearly derived from the purpose

If hypothesis stated, it was testable

Variables were operationally defined


Were clearly defined and stated

Were valid


Necessary definitions were included

All definitions were included


Population criteria defined

Criteria appropriate to the population/hypothesis

Sampling technique described

Response rate identified

Sample size adequate

Human rights protected

Sample mortality

Data Collection Methods

Methods clearly and logically described

Methods appropriate for the hypothesis/question

Methods appropriate for subjects and settings

Tools and measurements

Method of development

Author of each instrument

How the instrument/tool was used in the study

Scoring methods described

Reliability data provided for each instrument

Validity data provided for each instrument

Likely sources of error described and controlled

Method for manipulation of independent variable described

Findings/Statistical Analysis

Evidence apparent that procedures were conducted as planned

Analysis dealt with all information that was gathered

Technique of statistical appropriate to the level of data

Findings were summarized and consistent with those expected

Stated findings were related to the hypothesis/question

Interpretations reached were justified by the findings

Conclusions reached were justified by the findings

Areas of additional study were identified and consistent with findings

Study sufficiently clear to allow for replication

What was missing? Did they leave out any population characteristics, how data was handled or allude to information they collected but did not present?

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