You are a Microsoft Office trainer for DeVry University.
The training topic for the current month is charts using Microsoft
Excel. During each training session from different departments or
cohorts, the following frequently asked questions were asked and you
decide to create a document formalizing answers and suggestions.

  1. My
    supervisor, Sally, likes my charts; however, she instructs me to take
    more time planning my charts before creating the actual chart itself.
    Why is planning the creation and development of a chart so important?
  2. My
    supervisor, John, ask me to chart some comparative data but my first
    attempt with a column chart did not illustrate the data as well as he
    would have liked. What type of chart is ideal and best to illustrate
    comparative data of individual items in a data series and why?
  3. My
    supervisor, Jessica, asked me to project future data trends using a
    chart. Most of the data is associated with sales and depending on the
    nature of what is sold, data either fluctuates or increases quickly.
    What chart feature added to a column chart can help project these data
    trends and why?
  4. My supervisor, Thomas, asked me to add some
    creativity with color and enhancements on all charts used during weekly
    meetings. What should I consider to avoid being overly creative and why
    is this important?

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