Share at least one similarity (I live in California so please find a different and similarity) and one difference about the information shared in their summary about their state. In addition, provide one additional way in which they could support families where the grandparents are raising their grandchildren.

Nowadays you have grandparents raising grandchildren, because of certain circumstances that their child may have gotten themselves into, some are teenage pregnancy and they are not ready to be a parent others may be Drugs addicted , and or their lifestyle that may not be befitting for a child to be around let alone raised in So as a grandparent you step in so that your grandchild will have a fighting chance at a good life, something that their parent is not trying to give them, not at the time anyway , . As a teacher I have encountered this numerous of time where you find the grandparent is now the parent and the actual parent is no longer around.In Georgia you have 102,000 Grandparents raising their grandchildren. And I actually have one in my class now, her daughter is incarcerated and pregnant and she is raising her two children an when this baby is born she going to have this one as well. Her and her husband has had to stop their life to raise their daughter’s children, She has said several times ” I live my grandchildren my grandchildren,but I am getting to old for this I have raised my children, and now I am doing it all over again, but I wouldn’t sleep at night knowing that they were somewhere else, so I have to keep going.” And as teachers we encourage her, but this has really changed the course of her life. But I do not think that she would have it any other way because she love those children and she wants the best for them, But this is nothing new, this happens in a lot of families. God forbid your child passes away and you as the grandparent have to raise your grandchild so don’t look at everything negative, because its not. it could be ordained By God and you have to step up to the plate as a grandparent and handle it.

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