Analysis of the text bellow must be based on either Isaiah Berlin?s perspective, as outlined in his ?Two Concepts of Liberty,? or Alain Badiou?s ?Ethics of Truth? perspective, from his book Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil. At least two pages with work citation.

  • An analysis from Berlin?s standpoint may, for example, promote the idea that the global issue in question arises from an affirmation of a particular orientation (intellectual, racial/ethnic, gender specific, religious, political, etc.) through an appeal to positive liberty. It may even include the idea that a specific understanding of a role negative liberty might be playing on said issue that may alleviate any perceived problem(s).
  • From the perspective of Badiou, on the other hand, the global issue in question might be considered as arising, not from clashing expressions of positive liberty, but from a ?nihilistic? resignation toward the ?necessities? of the existing global order. Thus, any possibility of overcoming the issue would be considered, not in terms of fleeing evil (i.e. negatively), but in terms of the pursuit of a concept of the good, and of remaining true to that concept.

Berlin, Isaiah. (1958) ?Two Concepts of Liberty.? In Isaiah Berlin, Four Essays on

Liberty. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1969.

Badiou, Alain. Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil, transl. by Peter Hallward.

New York: Verso, 2000.

Overpopulation as Environment factor

Overpopulation is one of those problems that no one really talks about. Unfortunately, it is a very real concern nowadays, with 7.5 billion people on the planet. To give the reader an idea of the statistics, there has been 201,645 births around the world today, and it is currently 12:33 pm. This is to say that within 12 hours and 33 minutes, this number of births was achieved, with the number rising each second. Likewise, there has been 83,780 deaths today, with the numbers rising each second. Take the difference of the numbers, and it is found there is a population growth of 118,700 people. This number is added to the total population of 7.5 billion, and a number similar to it is added the next day, and the next day after that. ( Simply put, with the total population rising so quickly, the drawbacks need to be addressed.

There are many negative side effects of overpopulation; from environmental issues and catastrophes, to small changes in the ecosystems around us. In fact, human overpopulation is among one of the most pressing environmental issues, and this is due to a few factors. One factor is that with more humans on the planet, more finite resources are consumed, such as fresh water. ?The planet is in the mists of what the United Nations is calling a ?Global Water Crisis?? (Overpopulation Effects). Of all the water on the planet, only 2.5 percent is freshwater, meaning this is the only source of water that is safe for humans to drink. However, most of these freshwater resources are inaccessible by humans due to glacier encasing or poor landscape traversal. This leaves less than 1 percent of the world?s freshwater, readily accessible for direct human use. ?According to the Global Outlook for Water Resources to the Year 2025, it is estimated that by 2025, more than half of the world population will be facing water-based vulnerability and human demand for water will account for 70% of all available freshwater.? With overpopulation occurring each day, it can be understood more clearly that water supplies will not be able to catch up with the heavy demand for freshwater from humans. This is one way in how overpopulation will negative affect our environment.

Human beings are currently one of the major reasons so many animals are going extinct. Due to human contract with animals through hunting, deforestation, pollution, etc, species on this planet go extinct and become endangered. ?If present trends continue, scientists warn that within a few decades, at least half of all plant and animal species on Earth will be extinct, as a result of climate change, habitat loss, pollution, acidifying oceans, invasive species, over-exploitation of natural resources, overfishing, poaching and human overpopulation? (Overpopulation Effects).

As mentioned above, overpopulation has a major effect on ecosystems, and the environmental as a result. Coral reefs are practically wiped off the face of the Earth, killing high amounts of fish and bacteria that are key animals in the food chain. Rainforests have also been completely wiped out. The amazon rainforest used to be bustling with numerous species of animals and plants, and is now reduced to a tiny fraction on what is used to be. Deforestation has caused much of the forests to go extinct as well.

Overpopulation is a real problem that needs to be addressed. It causes problems ranging from major, to small. Ecosystems and the environment as a whole are being affected by this everyday.

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