You will create a care plan based on the information you received from the ?client?. This care plan will provide recommendations of interventions, referrals, and resources to address the client?s needs, as well as a plan for ongoing assessment and efficacy.

Finally, you will write a self-reflection in which you reflect on how you adhered to legal and ethical codes and used professional practices in the interview. You will also discuss how you can incorporate the feedback from the instructor in future interactions with clients to further engage, more strictly adhere to legal and ethical standards, and utilize interviewing techniques in a more effective manner

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Care Plan: Based on the needs assessment, create a care plan for the client.

A. Research and recommend appropriate trauma-informed and goal-based interventions for the client. Justify your choice of interventions.

1. How are these interventions trauma-informed?

2. How are these interventions goal-based?

3. How will these selected interventions best address client needs?

4. Why would other interventions not address client needs?

B. Discuss how the above interventions and referrals utilize cultural responsiveness.

1. How do the interventions and referrals take into account differing demographics?

2. How do the interventions and referrals not take into account differing demographics?

3. How can the interventions and referrals further take into account demographics?

4. What is the importance of interventions and referrals utilizing cultural responsiveness?

C. Recommend community resources.

  • What community resources in the client?s specific community are available?
  • How would these resources meet the client?s personal, cultural, community, and environmental needs?

D. Identify gaps in service.

  • What resources are missing in the community to address previously identified needs?
  • What resources would you recommend to fill these gaps?

E. Discuss a plan for monitoring.

  • At what frequency should monitoring occur to ensure crisis prevention?
  • Justify this assertion. What would be the optimal time to assess the plan?s adequacy and efficacy? Justify this assertion.

F. Develop a contingency plan.

1. What will be the plan if crisis reoccurs?

2. How will you address further social, emotional, developmental, and economical decline?

3. How will you address social and emotional triggers?

4. How would you address neighborhood erosion?

II. Reflection: Reflect on your interactions with the client in the interview.

A. Discuss adherence to ethical codes. What ethical codes did you adhere to and how? Were any codes not adhered to? What would happen if you were unable to adhere to ethical codes?

B. Discuss adherence to legal standards. What legal standards did you adhere to and how? Were any standards not adhered to? What would happen if you were unable to adhere to legal standards?

C. Discusses how professional practices frame interactions with clients including boundaries, releases of information, confidentiality, and informed consent.

1. What are the implications of not applying professional practices?

2. What improvements can be made to your application of professional practices, or what would you do better next time?

Guidelines for Submission: The care plan and reflection must be 4?6 pages in length (plus a cover page and references). The care plan must be written in outline format similar to a real-world care plan, and the reflection can be written in standard APA format. You will submit the final care plan and reflection paper in a single Microsoft Word document. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with double-spacing and one-inch margins. Citing sources within the main care plan is not required, but you must include all references used in creating the care plan on a separate reference page using APA format. The reference page must contain a minimum of three references.

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