Journal Entry #1: Please respond to one question from the listing below in one page (should be at least three paragraphs in length.)


o include quotes from the text

o include a clear thesis statement and body paragraphs

o follow structure of an essay

o follow MLA guidelines, which includes a works cited page

Question #1: What is the significance of the image of the glass castle, the transparent palace that Walls’ father repeatedly promised to build for his children?

Question #2: The Glass Castleis a memoir, which is defined as a type of autobiographical account or reflection on one?s past. Typically, a memoir imparts factual events while incorporating fictional elements of storytelling, and it seeks to capture highlights of or meaningful events in one?s past, often serving a therapeutic function of sorts. A memoir commonly centers on a problem or focuses on a conflict and its resolution, and on the understanding of why and how the resolution is significant in the author?s life. How is the memoir an appropriate choice for Walls? story?

Question #3: Consider the structure of the The Glass Castle, beginning with Part I: ‘A Woman on the Street,” then moving to Part II: “The Desert,” Part III:” Welch,” and Part IV:” New York City,” and concluding with Part V: “Thanksgiving.” Why are Parts I and V the shortest (only 3 pages)? What is the significance of ordering the middle parts according to place? Consider the significance of setting. What is the significance of the shift from the desert (where half the novel takes place) to West Virginia (where the other half of the novel takes place)? Explain the impact of the move from the desert Southwest and the house on North Third Street to the mining town of West Virginia.

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