• Watch the video below titled ?NASBO The State Budget Process? (6 min 01 s).

    Video Source: National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO). (2013, May 20). NASBO The State Budget Process [Video file]. Retrieved from .

  • Use the Internet to find information on the budgeting process for the state in which you reside. For example, the Maryland State Budget information may be found at http://www.dbm.maryland.gov/public/Pages/StateBudg…. Maryland has a fiscal year begin date of July 1, and the budget is required to be passed in April of each year, and the governor has no veto power.
  • Compare the budgeting process in your state to that described in the NASBO presentation and outline at least two (2) points of particular interest in the state budget process. Please be sure to include appropriate reference links to the material from your state.

(NOTE: I live in Maryland.)

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