Please respond to the following:

What is political
correctness? How is it defined? What?s its goal? How does it illustrate
the power of language? Do research ? look for reliable scholarly sources
to find a good definition; explain the term also in your own words, and
provide an example.

Critically discuss the question: Is political correctness a good idea?

are obviously two possible answers to this question. Present those two
answers, and try to provide the strongest argument you can think of in
support of BOTH sides (you’ll need one argument for each side). Then
tell us which side you think is stronger and why.

You may
want to consider the following additional questions: Does political
correctness violate freedom of speech? (Please don?t forget to define
the term ?freedom of speech? ? what is it, what is its goal, where did
it originate? Provide your references.)

When you create your
arguments, clearly indicate the conclusion and the premises of the
arguments. Use concrete examples to illustrate your point.

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