Psychological research is seeking to answer questions about knowledge and experience (Charles, 2013). They do this through experiments and careful observation, usually of behaviors because they reveal the mind. Psychological research that relies on knowledge that is as justified true belief encounters problems. Propositional knowledge, or knowledge that something is so, meets the conditions of justification, truth and belief (Murphy, Alexander, & Muis, 2012). Problems with this premise arise when there is justification, truth and belief, but not knowledge. Examples of Gettier problems abound, often showing how something is justified, true and believable, but there is an error in the truth or belief with which the observer is unaware ( Murphy, Alexander, & Muis, 2012). The pattern is similar to a man seeing someone across the road that he believes is an old acquaintance, but in fact the person he sees is the twin of his former acquaintance. The former acquaintance is in fact across the road, but off to the side. The man is justified in believing that he has seen an old acquaintance, and it is true that the old acquaintance is there, but the man?s belief that he is looking at his old acquaintance is false. Since psychological research relies on careful observations, it is possible to reach a conclusion about knowledge based on the premises of justification, truth and belief, but there may be some unknown that is confounding the results. Psychologists may account for this by trying to replicate their research.

Please answer the above question with at least 150-250 words and using at least 1 reference. Reference needs to be from a peer reviewed article or journal and needs to be cited in APA 6th edition format. Also, of applicable, please provide www or doi website info for reference.

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