• Having been a member in 10 hours of a group process, please reflect on your experience (4-5 pages) addressing the following areas, and any others you wish to include:

Self-Awareness: What was it like for you to be in a group; how did you interact with group members; how did group members respond to you; what did you become aware of during and/or as a result of the experience; how have you changed as a person and as a counselor-in-training as a result of your participation; what are your personal goals in this context.

Group Dynamics: how did the group function or not; what were the functions that facilitated the function or malfunction of the group; what stages of group process were you aware of.

Group Communication; what verbal/non-verbal communication patterns did you notice in the group; what was the tone of the group each session; how did the tone change, and why; did all members participate;

Group Leadership; what leadership skills were used; what other skills could have been


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