Reflection on the Maggie walker National Historic Site Trip

Following our visit to the Maggie Walker National Historic Site, please reflect upon your experience. This is due April 13, 2017 by 11:59pm.


CRITICAL THINKING: Your writing should go beyond simple descriptions. It should demonstrate how you thought critically about visiting Mrs. Walker’s home and learning about her work in the Richmond Community.

ORGANIZATION: Clearly express your thoughts. While this is a more “informal” style of writing (and yes, you should use FIRST PERSON) you still need to use complete sentences, proper grammar, and a have a logical flow of ideas.

RESPONSE: Each (all three) reflection prompt should be answered in approximately 200-250 words.

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Reflection Prompt #1: Provide a description and analysis of your participation. *

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Reflection Prompt #2: Discuss feelings generated by the experience. *

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Reflection Prompt #3: Discuss how the experience helped you develop insight, self-awareness, and contributed to your understanding of social justice issues – both PAST and CURRENT. *

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