For this week?s journal, I would like you to reflect on your political ideology. To begin, please take out a piece of paper or create a new text document and do the following:

  1. Based on what you think the terms “liberal” and “conservative” mean, please place your overall political views on a seven-point liberal-conservative scale, with ?1? being ?strongly liberal,? “2” being “liberal,” “3” being “moderately liberal,” “4” being “neutral or moderate,” “5” being “moderately conservative,” “6” being “conservative,” and ?7? being ?strongly conservative.? Make sure you record your score.
  2. Take the World?s Smallest Political Quiz. Make sure you record your results.
  3. Take the Political Typology Quiz (Links to an external site.). Make sure you record your results.
  4. Take the Moral Foundations Questionnaire. Make sure you record your score.

In your journal response, please reflect on your political ideology in light of how you initially categorized yourself and the three political tests that you took. Before doing so, however, please watch the TED talk by Jonathan Haidt (The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives) (Links to an external site.), which was assigned this week. Specifically, in no particular order, I would like you to address the following questions in your response:

  • How do your results on the three political tests compare to each other, and how do they compare to your initial self-rating? Were you surprised by your results or were they pretty much what you expected?
  • Are you currently registered with the party that mostly closely aligns with your political ideology (as measured by these tests)? Why or why not?
  • How firm do you feel in terms of your political ideology? Have you ever voted or would you ever vote for someone that did not share your party affiliation and/or your political ideology? Why or why not?
  • Whatever your political ideology, however firmly you feel, how did you come to have this ideology? Do you inherit it from your parents? Did you develop it in school? Did you adopt it to fit in with your friends? Etc.
  • What do you think of Haidt’s characterization of Liberals and Conservatives? Do you find them convincing? Why or why not?

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