Please add to conversation in 75-150 word. Please utilize one scholarly resource and incorporate APA 6th Ed in-text citations and. Reference

Initial Prompt:

Chapter 7 of the textbook discusses adolescent suicide. Select a group that could be considered a minority or a member of an underrepresented identity group based on one or more of the following characteristics: ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability [mental, physical, and cognitive], religion, age, or socioeconomic class. Identify the group you selected and and discuss the potential suicide risk for this group. What factors may make members of this group more or less likely to attempt suicide than members of other groups? What support can be given to individuals and/or communities to decrease suicide risks for the group you selected? Rely on research findings to answer these questions.

Response 1

I chose African-American. Suicide is a global public health issue. It differs from sex and ethnicity. In the USA suicide is higher in men, but suicide behavior like idealization and attempts are higher in women. Females of all ethnicity make three times as many attempts than males. In the last decade or so women suicides have grown more. Suicides in whites are higher than African- Americans. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in African- American adolescents and young adults and seventh in middle adults in African Americans.
A leading risk factor for African American women is negative and potentially traumatic life events. This events are actually rare, but may be associated with prolonged physiological arousal mixed with regular life stresses, like financial and vocational difficulties or relationship issues. In the African- American community religion and spirituality often take priority as a preferred and effective manner of coping. They lead to increased social support and greater quality of life and less depression. African American women who tend to be socialized in church at a younger age are more likely to use prayer to cope with issues than African American males. Spiritual well being is connected to better mental health.

Hirsch, J.K, Webb,J.R,Kaslow, N.J (2014).Daily hassles and suicide ideation in African- American Female suicide attempters: moderating effect of spiritual well- being. Mental health, religion & culture.

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