Based on the readings, what you do think is a major difference between epistemologies of Natural Sciences and those of Social Sciences/Humanities? Where do you think such difference comes from? Please provide specific examples and offer references (i.e. page number) to the readings. 

* You may want to use the three epistemic positions on page 142 to answer the question (but not required).


Repko states: ?entry-level interdisciplinary work requires adequacy, not mastery? (145). How do you understand this quote? What does ?adequacy? in the quote mean? Please explain in your own words. Also, provide specific examples and offer references (i.e. page number) to the readings. 

When you create a thread, you must have “Subject” that represents your post. No generic subjects like “Discussion (2-A),” “Post (2-B)” or “Different Epistemologies” are acceptable.

Required Textbook and Readings: 

? Allen F. Repko, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. SAGE Publications, 2013. (ISBN:
1452256608; 9781452256603)

 ? Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams. The Craft of Research.
Third Edition. 2013. (ISBN: 0226065669; 9780226065663) 

? Online readings on WebCampus

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