Week 3: Dialogue

Please respond the following assignment in the Dialogue area of Blackboard:

Post a message that explains and discusses why information cleansing is critical to an organization?s business intelligence tool?s success. Describe how organizations use business intelligence to gain a competitive advantage. Support your post with at least two peer-reviewed scholarly journal references.

In addition, describe from a biblical worldview the importance for organizations to maintain accurate consumer information.

Reply to two students and use your research to add to or challenge the findings of your peers. Support your responses with at least one peer-reviewed scholarly journal reference.

Above is our original post that we had to answer that I have done. Below is one of my fellow students post that I need to respond to in 300-400- words in APA format with correct citing.


Many companies are seeking business intelligence (BI) tools that can deliver superior information quickly and effectively leading to a competitive advantage. Historically it has been identified that effective BI directly equates to a competitive advantage, ?Business – intelligence, the collection and analysis of information on markets, new technologies, customers, competitors, and broad social trends – is becoming an essential competitive tool? (Gbosbal & Kim 1986, pg.1). Competitive companies understand that it’s not enough to have great information, but to be able utilize it before it loses its value. The quality of business intelligence or the data collected, is often dependent on the quality of the software used to collect, analyze and deliver it. Inadequate solutions that are difficult to use or that can’t combine intelligence gathering throughout the business will only negatively impact a business operation long term.

Information cleansing and scrubbing is critical to businesses because it improves the quality of accurate data. Naturally the higher the data quality, the lower the costs to fix the misinformation if any. For example information cleansing can reduce the cost to the business of sending multiple identical marketing materials as we learned in chapter 7. ?BI&A [Business intelligence and Analytics] includes business-centric practices and methodologies that can be applied to various high-impact applications such as e-commerce, market intelligence, e-government, healthcare, and security? (Chen & Chiang, 2012, pg. 1166). Given the proper proficient business intelligence tools, a company?s bottom line can be directly impact in a positive way. Data quality means data that must meet a certain criteria to be accepted this criteria should include, accuracy, completeness, consistency, uniqueness, timeliness and validity.

Organizations must be able to remain truthful when maintain accurate consumer information. This virtue of honesty is firmly planted in the holy character of God meaning that we as believers and unbelievers alike are to be truthful because God is truthful. As a believer it is important to set the standard that God has given us in our lives, whether it be personal or business. The Bible informs us that God never lies, ?in hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began,? (Titus 1:2). This fact is communicated further as both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are referred to as the truth (John 14:6 & 1 John 5:6).


Chen, H., Chiang, R. H., & Storey, V. C. (2012). Business Intelligence and Analytics: From Big Data to Big Impact. MIS quarterly, 36(4).

Gbosbal, S., & Kim, S. K. (1986). Building Effective Intelligence Systems for Competitive Advantage. Sloan Management Review (1986-1998), 28(1), 49.

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