As discussed in SLP 4, you were asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your mini-proposal with the following components:

  • Title: Provide a title for your proposal.
  • Rationale: Identify the topic and describe why this study is needed for a given organization (include a justification of the importance of your topic either from empirical evidence or literature)
  • Research Question(s): Identify one or two research questions based on the rationale
  • Literature Review: What topics would have to be covered in your literature review? (Just list the topics.) List business theories that would be relevant to this study. Explain why they would be relevant.
  • Methodology: Discuss the research design (e.g., qualitative case study, quantitative survey, action/evaluation research) that would be appropriate to answer your research question(s). Who would be the participants? What would be the procedures for data collection and analysis?
  • Significance: Discuss how your research would help the organization and who would benefit.
  • Reference list

In this SLP 5 you will record a short 5-minute video where YOU briefly discuss your potential area of research and share the link to your presentation in the Module 5 Discussion. You can use any technology you feel comfortable with as long as you share only the LINK to your video with your class and we can hear you and see you talking about your research.

You can use an improved version of the PowerPoint slides you created for SLP4 or any other material you find useful for this assignment. You are welcome to use any material as long as you record yourself talking about your potential research topic. We encourage you to use any creative approach. The only conditions are that you should share a LINK only with the class that is no longer than five minutes and that we can hear you (better if we can also see you) talking about your research ideas.

Note that your research discussion is NOT a formal commitment to the topic because this is just your first class in the DBA program. In this class, we want you to discuss potential areas of research to brainstorm and locate yourself within a specific area. You will also start using your research skills which will continue to improve as you continue taking courses in the program.

This is a nice opportunity for you to verbally discuss your research interest, reflect on that, then receive and provide feedback during the discussion.

Below is a list of potential ways to record your presentation but you are welcome to use others:

  • Screencast-O-Matic (recommended): a fast recording app to create a video file and then share on YouTube. Easy to use. Use your screen and camera from your computer to record you and your screen at the same time.
  • Blackboard collaborate in MyTLC.
  • Use your cellphone and upload your recording into YouTube or any other social network.
  • Products similar to Screencast-O-Matic such as SimpleScreenRecorder, Jing, or others described at the following website:…

After you record the video share the link in the discussion, watch your own video and write a short paper telling us the following:

  1. What tool did you use to record your video? Include the link to your video.
  2. What was the most difficult task to accomplish this assignment?
  3. What can you do to improve future short research presentations?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: The written component of this assignment should be 2-3 pages long (double-spaced) without counting the cover page and reference page.

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