Overview: In Milestone One, you outlined the background, goals, purpose, and principles of your change-management plan. For this milestone, submit the focus areas, rationale, and risk to your change-management plan. You should focus on the cultural competence of the main areas targeted for change, the drivers and constraints for change in terms of risk to the organization, and the structures needed to implement the plan that foster collaboration and cultural sensitivity. Recommend policies and procedures for your department relevant to the change.

Prompt: You are the manager of the medical records department of a small community hospital. It has recently come to light that employees in your department regularly access confidential personal and medical information about people they know that is not relevant to their jobs and use it for their own personal information. In addition, they are sharing this information by gossiping about it with coworkers. You found this out when a patient?s attorney contacted the hospital alleging that his client?s confidential information was made public in regard to her child?s summer day-camp application. It seems that, due to cultural and religious reasons, the child?s mother has chosen not to immunize her children. A recent outbreak of mumps in the area has people on alert, and, not understanding the cultural and religious implications of the mother?s choice, the community?s reaction upon finding this out has been strong. The day camp did not admit the child, and the family is being ostracized from community activities as well as social interactions. You find yourself in the position of needing to address this enterprise-wide breach of ethical practice and understanding as well as needing to develop personal and professional development plans for employees who retain their jobs.

Using the scenario, continue drafting the change-management plan that will address this ethical lapse by addressing the following:

I. Focus Areas, Rationale, and Risk A. Describe the structures needed to target change that foster collaboration and cultural sensitivity. B. Evaluate the drivers and constraints for change in terms of risk to the organization. C. Discuss the rationale for employing these strategies. D. Describe the change-plan elements, including structures, processes, policies, and procedures required to implement the change.

Your instructor will provide feedback on this milestone, with specific aim to provide feedback on the focus areas, rationale, and risk factors.

For more information, see the Final Project Part I Guidelines and Rubric document. Your final project will be assessed, in part, according to the extent to which you have incorporated instructor feedback from your rough drafts.

Guidelines for Submission: Your rough draft should be 3 to 4 pages in length and should follow APA formatting including double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.


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