In this project I need you to write about (Name of project: efficient doctor patient portal project)

This project is about developing new system for hospital . this this college project . I need you to write around 12000 words the referencing by following Harvard method. I need you also to make the witting from as its show in next photo I have attached , so follow up the photo instructions. Make sure no plagiarism .please make photos diagrams tables methodologies and any other tools to make this project very good.

Here is Abstract about the idea of project:

Here we propose a patient doctor handle a management system that helps the doctor in their work as well as patients to book doctor appointments and offer medical progress. This system allows doctors to manage online booking slots. Patients are allowed to reserve blank slots online and those slots are reserved in their name. The system manages appointment data for multiple doctors for different dates and times.each time a user visits a doctor his/her medical entry is stored in the database by time a user logs in he may view his/her entire medical history as and when the same time a doctor may view patients medical history even bore the patient visits him.this allows for an outomated patient doctor handling system through an online interface. our system also consists of organ donor module. this module allows for organ donation registration as well as organ search. the module is designed to help urgent organ requirements through easy/instant search.

The system in hospitals needs to update and develop programs that are constantly being used. In the past, the system worked on manual labor that consumed time and mental strength as well as the use of records and papers that could be damaged. Working in the past requires a great effort to keep patient information as well as record attendance times. The history of hospitals has begun to gradually evolve in the use of technology through simple, poorly developed programs. The program saves time and effort for employees. The program works to help doctors and patients organize and coordinate appointments. At the moment, we need such programs to help us organize and carry out work. The program gives doctors the ability to manage and organize their booking with patients. The system grants booking for admission of patients through available or empty rooms. The system also allows organ donation. Every time a patient visits a particular doctor, the program records the data and keeps it to show up again. The program provides an interface for the doctor and patient. The system is new and helps to keep up with the times. The most important in this program is having a strong network bear the size of the data you enter. In the past, it is difficult to save and return data. Previously files can not be archived and saved. The program provides full documentation of patient records. The program provides protection for all information that you enter and can only be accessed by administrators. In the past, systems were simple until they evolved into what they are today. Today the systems have evolved and are considered as for E-Patient Records. The several languages in the program is determined Depending on the nationality of the patient. The program is an information revolution in the health field. The program provides the possibility of communication and communication between doctor and patient. It should be an integrated program so that we can dispense with papers, reports and others. Found many systems previously but not the by quality required and there are many which disadvantages countless. Many errors can be avoided by testing the program for a certain period and writing a report on the experiment. The program will provide many facilities that serve the patient and the doctor at the same time. The old hospital system depends on the registration on the papers, which presents the information to damage and loss. What we need today is a program that facilitates hospital management and communication in a smooth way. In the present, the a system within which all communication between the administration, the doctor and the patient is required. Patient Efficiency Gateway Project is a comprehensive and unique system of all aspects. The system will help doctors organize their day schedule with patients. At the same time, patients are assisted in selecting existing doctors. It will be an interactive and integrated system between all parties. Helps the doctor store his own reports about patients. There will be many advantages in the system. Each system has flaws and advantages and this is normal in any new system.

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