Being able to effectively analyze what someone is saying is a critical life skill, one that will serve you well

as you navigate life! For this assignment, you will find and watch a public presentation and analyze the

effectiveness of the content and delivery while considering the historical situation, social and political

climate, context, and the intended audience. The purpose of this assignment is to utilize listening and

critical thinking skills in order to effectively analyze a public presentation. Think about the questions

below and discuss what strategies the speaker used to gain your attention and evoke some emotional

response from you. Each essay should be 1.5-2 pages, typed, double-spaced, using no larger than 12

point font. You must follow APA Essay Format ? an example can be found on Blackboard. Make sure

you identify the speaker, what the presentation is about, where the presentation took place, and the

date of the presentation.

? What was their message and how did it relate to you?

? What type of speech was this (informative/Instructional/Persuasive)?

? What style was this speech given in (Memorized/Manuscript/Extemporaneous/Impromptu)?

? How did they incorporate eye contact, gestures, movement into their speech in order to give a

more effective presentation?

? How did they use images/presentation materials for impact? Were they effective?

? How did they use tone, volume, pitch, word choice to place emphasis/make an impact?

? How did all of these things come together to inspire you?

? How can you incorporate these tactics into your presentations in order to make an impact on

your audience?

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