For this assignment you will review the video, Proposition 8 Commercial and then provide a 270 word response , discussing the rhetorical appeals the commercial uses. Please make sure to support your ideas with evidence from the video. Please only bid on this if you are familiar with Rhetorical Appeals ,and Analysis. Please review the Proposition 8 Commercial which can be found on youtube and then follow instructions.

Important: YOU MUST NOT discuss your views on same-sex marriage or homosexuality. I am only interested in seeing that you understand the rhetorical appeals. You will not do well in this assignment if you argue the issue. Concentrate on how the argument is made, using the information you learned about analysis, rather than what the argument is. Please be very careful about this.

Make sure your response is well developed and written. Remember to fully develop your posts with examples and explanation (I want to know not just what you are thinking but why you are thinking it) and proofread carefully.

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