1)Discuss securitization as it relates to the field of investments.

2)Discuss margin buying of common stocks. Include in your discussion the advantages and disadvantages, the types of margin requirements, how these requirements are met, and who determines these requirements.

3)Discuss some reasons why an investor with a longtime horizon might choose to invest in common stocks, even though they have historically been riskier than government bonds or T-bills.

4)Discuss the differences between investors who are risk averse, risk neutral, and risk loving.

5)Why are many bonds callable? What is the disadvantage to the investor of a callable bond? What does the investor receive in exchange for a bond being callable? How are bond valuation calculations affected if bonds are callable?

6)Discuss the Gordon, or constant discounted dividend, model of common stock valuation. Include in your discussion the advantages, disadvantages, and assumptions of the model.

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