The topic I’m going to use is divorce affects children the teacher say Yes, that would work for your informative topic–however, it might work better as a persuasive topic because it focuses on a problem. You might want to use that for your persuasive speech and choose another topic for your informative speech. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

the questions you are going to do are

As you learned from chapter 6 it is important to be an audience-centered speaker. One way to learn about your audience is to conduct audience analysis. Each student will conduct audience analysis that is based on asking your classmates 3-questions relating to you topic. The purpose to gain insights and understanding of your classmates feelings and thoughts toward your topic.

*Please get informative topic approval from me before posting your audience analysis questions

After reviewing pg. 101 of your textbook, create one open-ended audience analysis question and two closed-ended questions, related to your informative speech topic. Post your three questions on this discussion thread.

Answer all questions posted by your classmates–you will receive credit for each response given

For Example:

If your topic was Traveling to Spain, you might ask


1. What are you most interested in learning about Spain?


2. If you traveled to Spain where would you be most interested in traveling to?

A. Madrid, B. Barcelona, C. Granada, D. Anywhere!

3. On a scale of 1-5 (1=not interested, 5=highly interested) how interested are you in learning about Spain?_______________

Each student will need to post three audience analysis questions pertaining to his/her topic. You will then need to each answer all of your classmates’ audience analysis questions in order to receive credit. Posting your questions is worth 4-points, answering each of your classmates questions will be worth 2-points.

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