Respond by Day 5 to at least one of your colleagues who chose a different topic related to employee resistance to change in one or more of the following ways: Expand on your colleague’s posting. Share an insight you gained from having read your colleague’s post.  Suggest another resource related to the colleague’s topic and explain why it would be of interest. Validate an idea with your own experience.

Classmate- LT

After responding to all questions, the majority of my responses were either “major ethical issue” or “no ethical issue.” Where questions pertained to an individual’s choice to participate, withdraw, or choosing one type of study over another, I responded with “no ethical issue.” As participants, we cannot be forced to participate in any study or any type of study. Nagy (2011) states that researchers cannot pass judgment or criticize any participant who chooses to withdraw or decline a study. In fact, if a participant withdraws, as in a medical study, the researcher is obligated to offer referrals so that the participant has an equal opportunity to benefit from a potential treatment. Additionally, students who are required to participate in studies for their  program, must be provided options or alternatives if they choose to not participate in a study, to allow them equal opportunity to earn the credits another way (Nagy,2011). Furthermore, people have autonomy in their decision as to whether or not they want to participate in a study, and this includes students too (Lefkowitz, 2017). 

Most of the other questions I responded with “major ethical issue.” Many of the questions pertained to ethical issues like lying on questionnaires, not reading instructions, talking to others about the study who had not yet participated or messing with data. Students participate in research studies quite often, and the instructor/researcher conducting the study must uphold the ethics and principles of the American Psychological Association (APA) (2010) to be fair and safe. Nagy (2011) states that to ensure confidentiality, fidelity, integrity, the welfare of students are priorities of the instructor in a teaching scenario. Therefore, instructors should make sure that all students are aware of the ethical issues with lying and data manipulation among other study elements, to protect the integrity of the data, and why that is important to the outcome of the research. 

I did respond to two questions with “minor ethical issue.” These pertained the questions about completing a survey while talking on the phone or completing an online survey during class. I called them minor because these other activities going on while trying to complete the survey could lead to missing questions, or choosing the wrong answer, being hasty and things of that nature. While none of these types of scenarios appear to be intentional, it can increase the chances for tainted or incorrect data collection.

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