From a family therapist standpoint, what does it mean to adopt a family relationship framework, and what makes this unique from other perspectives? Include specific examples in your answer of something a family therapist would do if they were practicing within a family relationship framework and something they would not do when working with families. Share why you chose these examples. Chapter 2 of the Goldenberg text focuses on the concept of family life cycles as multidimensional, multicultural, and multigenerational. What does the family life cycle mean to you, and why is it so important for family therapists to understand and incorporate into their practice? As you answer this question, consider two very different causes for unexpected disruptions in a family’s life cycle, a traumatic natural fatal event such as a heart attack or a hurricane versus a human-made traumatic event like a school shooting or a violent sexual assault. Do you think these different types of events would impact the family in similar or different ways?

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