Application: The Meyer-Allen Instrument

As an organizational consultant for Walden Sports, it may be your responsibility to decide on appropriate instruments to measure various organizational constructs. In this week’s Discussion, you used your observations to identify constructs of organizational commitment. Now, you want to learn how to build competencies. You need to objectively measure the organizational commitment construct to determine the actual levels of commitment inside the organization. One of the most popular instruments to measure organizational commitment was developed by Meyer and Allen (1991). They hold that organizational commitment is a multidimensional construct comprised of three components: affective, normative, and continuance commitment.

Your role in this Assignment is that of a behavioral scientist. You critically analyze the Meyer-Allen instrument and its purpose. As you start to work on this task, think about why you would use this measure and consider the reliability and validity evidence that exists for the instrument. Without good data, it can be difficult to make good recommendations to your client. Understanding the use and purpose of an instrument can increase the credibility of the findings.

For this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources on the Meyer-Allen instrument, considering the type of data you will need for your Final Project consulting report.

The Assignment (3 pages)Explain why the Meyer-Allen instrument is appropriate for measuring organizational commitment.Provide an example item from the Meyer-Allen instrument that you might include in your diagnostic survey and explain why.Describe the scale anchors used to score the instrument.Describe the psychometric properties (reliability and validity) of the instrument.

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