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 Chapter 1Resources Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions. Professional Communications and Writing Guide.

Post the title and introduction of your project. Attach this information in a word document that you can add to as you build your Integrated Project: Chapters I–V research proposal throughout the term.

Title: It is important that the title be both brief and descriptive of your research. Search engines will use the title to help locate your article. Readers make quick decisions as to whether they are going to invest the time to read your article largely based on the title. Thus, the title should not contain jargon or vernacular. Rather, the title should be short (generally 15 words or less) and clearly indicate what the study is about. If in doubt, try to specify the cause and effect relationship in your key point. Avoid trite and wasteful phrases such as “A study of . . . ” or “An investigation to determine . . . ”

Chapter 1 Introduction – Statement of the Problem: You will usually start your proposal with a paragraph or two presenting the investigated problem, the importance of the study, and an overview of your research strategy. You do not need to label this section. Its position within the paper makes that obvious. Use the literature to support your statement of the problem.

 Chapter 2Resources Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions. Professional Communications and Writing Guide.

Post Chapter 2 here in a Word document. Incorporate feedback from your instructor and fellow learners prior to adding Chapter 2 materials into your Integrative Project: Chapters I–V draft document.

Chapter 2 Literature Review: The introductory paragraphs are usually followed by a review of the literature. Show how your research builds on prior knowledge by presenting and evaluating what is already known about your research problem. Assume that the readers possess a broad knowledge of the field, but not the cited articles, books, and papers. Discuss the findings of works that are pertinent to your specific issue.

Remember, the goal of the introduction (from this unit’s first discussion) and literature review is to demonstrate “the logical continuity between previous and present work”. Analyze the relationships among the related studies instead of presenting a series of seemingly unrelated abstracts or annotations. The introduction should motivate the study. The reader should understand why the problem should be researched and why the study represents a contribution to existing knowledge. It is generally inappropriate to attempt to motivate the study based on its social importance. The literature review should build upon the work you did in the annotated bibliography.

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