When asked what a family is, many people with respond that it is the core group of kin people who love and support us as we grow up and find our way in life. But, it can be bit harder to conceptualize the specific functions that are part of the notion of “love and support.” Some people might say that the family’s function is to provide the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, and education. Others might say that the family’s function is to instill a sense of morality, including a strong work ethic. In this Discussion, you get to define the functions that you think are important for the family.

Post a referenced, complete response to the Discussion topic, minimum 350 words

The Function of the Family

What do you think are the two most important functions of the family? Give at least one example for each function to demonstrate why you think it is important to a person’s overall life outcomes. Explain whether you think that there is any particular family structure that makes it easier or more efficient to carry out these two important functions of the family. What examples or evidence can you offer to support your response?

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