Complete both parts of this worksheet.




Part 1 – Social Roles and Status




Complete the following matrix by answering each in one or two sentences.





Answer Status

Identify the different statuses you hold in society, both ascribed and achieved.


  Master Status

Identify your master status in society.


  Social Roles

Describe the roles associated with the various statuses identified above.


  Role conflict, strain, exit

Discuss a time when you experienced either role conflict, role strain, or role exit.



Identify one primary group and one secondary group to which you belong.


  Norms, sanctions, and values

Describe the norms, sanctions, and values of the social groups you identified above. How is social deviant behavior viewed in these groups?


  Sociological imagination

Discuss how your status, mass media, roles, and groups have influenced your self-identity, values, and behaviors.








Part 2 – Reflection




After completing the activity above, answer the following questions in 75 to 150 words each:



 What is social interaction? What are the elements of social structures? How does this apply to the activity you just completed?







 What are the functions of social institutions? How do you see this applied in your life?









 What influence does mass media have? Frame your answer using sociological perspectives.









 What is social control? How is social control enforced? What are the different sociological perspectives on deviance?




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