Please make sure each questioned is answered with 200 words each apa style with scholarly sources for each question




Module 4


Describe your experience with chain hotels/motels and with non-affiliated hotels, such as B&Bs. If you have not stayed in one or either of those, visit the links to Best Western, InterContinental Hotels, and Wyndham Worldwide available in the webliography, and also search independent hotels in your area, or an area you’d like to visit.


Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience with each? How much of your opinion was based on the concept of predictability? Which type of facilities would you rather stay at, and why?


Module 5


Visit the website of KinderCare, the childcare corporation Ritzer describes on p. 106 (the URL is available in the Webliography). What aspects of McDonaldization do you see in its practices?


Also check for reviews of the company by parents and employees, and check if there is a center available near you. Overall, would you feel comfortable sending your children there? Why, or why not?


Module 6


Go to your favorite fast-food restaurant (if you don’t have one, pick one you’re curious about, or that you might consider eating at if you had to). Price a dinner for the number of people who live in your household. Then, go to your local supermarket and price a dinner for your household using frozen dinners of your choice, and one that you would make from scratch– choosing ingredients that you like and simple dishes, avoiding processes ingredients as much as possible.


In your post, give a list of the food you would buy for each option, and how much each would cost you. IMPORTANT : How does that compare to Ritzer’s argument that fast-food doesn’t save money? Does price influence your use of fast-food restaurants? Importantly, what are some other costs/benefits when it comes to cooking/eating?


Module 7


Respond to BOTH of the following prompts:

1) Look at the list of individual actions you can take against McDonaldization in your daily life on pp. 156-7 in your textbook. What is your reaction to this list? How practical do you think it is? How do you think adopting it might improve or diminish the quality of your life?

2) Share your recipe for your favorite non-McDonaldized burger. The term “burger” is used loosely to refer to a bun filled with various hot and cold ingredients, prepared on a grill. As you write your recipe, make it as removed as possible from a completely controlled, measured, and predictable recipe.


In your replies to other students, point out ways in which their recipes differ from a fast-food model, and when applicable, areas where they could have further reduced McDonaldization.


Module 8
Which way do you think the world is heading: glocalization or grobalization? Start by defining both of these terms, making sure to use the readings. Then, use evidence from the course and valid news sources to support your position. Valid sources are recognized news organizations such as the New York Times, CNN, or NPR, NOT blogs or individual websites. Your sources need to focus on facts, not opinions. Please note that you have access to a wide range of newspapers and magazines through the Cannon Memorial Library online resources. You should have at least two such sources, and cite them properly in a standard citation format (ASA, APA, MLA, etc.) at the end of your posts.


















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