This week we are moving on to more pragmatic approaches to therapy. Considering what you have read from chapters 7-11, IN C o r e y ,   G .   ( 2017 ) .   Th e o ry  an d  p rac t ic e  o f  cou n s e li n g a n d p sy cho t he ra p y  ( 1 0 th  ed .).   P ac i f i c   G r o v e   CA:   C enga g e  L e a r n i ng. consider how more modern approaches contribute to your work with clients. This week, consider the following:

1. Identify and explain what you believe are the most significant contributions of Gestalt, Person-centered, and the pragmatic approaches (behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and reality therapy) to the practice of psychotherapy. 


2. Of the above approaches, which approach resonates most with you and why?


3.  Develop justification for adhering to the approach you selected over the approaches you did not select.  Be sure to address strengths regarding techniques, working with multicultural clients, working with individual clients, and working with groups.

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