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Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis

Organizational Behavior Management

PS430: Program Design and Evaluation


Unit 3 PowerPoint® Presentation

The following course outcome is assessed with the Unit 3 Assignment:

·          Analyze behavior management programs using fundamental principles of behavior.


·         Achieve goals through planning and prioritization.

You are working as a behavioral consulting intern. Your company is taking on a new client, Shoreside Community-Based Residential Facility. Shoreside would like your company to provide consultation in their unit for adults with traumatic brain injury.

Shoreside management and staff have expressed a concern over increasing rates of disruptive behavior during community outings and have had little success with their current interventions. They believe they may need assistance with staff training and behavior management techniques.

The company uses some Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with their clients but has never used ABA at an organizational level. The Director recently learned about Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and wants to know more about how basic concepts of ABA could be used at Shoreside. The Director of Shoreside believes this would be an effective way to address the problems within the organization.

Your manager has asked you to make a presentation to management and staff to provide more information about Organizational Behavior Management and how fundamental principles of behavior can be used in the organization. Shoreside is skeptical that the same principles they use with their clients could be applied to staff within the organization.

Using what you have learned about OBM and fundamental principles of behavior, you must create a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 12 slides) consisting of the following:

1.          Provide an overview of Organizational Behavior Management:

·                Define and describe Organizational Behavior Management.

·                Identify and describe at least one specific application of OBM that is applicable to the above organization.

2.          Provide an overview of the general goals of an OBM/ABA based intervention:

·                Identify the role that individuals within organizations hold in relation to the successful planning and implementation of interventions

·                Describe how problems are prioritized and addressed.

3.          Define and describe fundamental principles of behavior and provide examples of how this is applied on an organizational level. Use nontechnical language when possible, so that all those attending the meeting understand your discussion:

·                Respondent Conditioning

·                Operant Conditioning

·                Verbal Behavior

4.          Describe why using a behavior analytic approach on all levels of the organization is preferred over a non-scientific approach.

5.          Discuss why principles of ABA are important in the development of behavior management programs.

The goal for this Assignment is to provide an overview of Organizational Behavior Management and describe the fundamental principles of behavior analysis. You should not create a solution for the given scenario. You should provide a beginning explanation of the above principles in order to introduce the staff to the use of behavior analysis on all levels within the organization.

Your PowerPoint presentation should have an APA Style title page and reference page. The sources of the information used in the preparation of your presentation should be cited with in-text citations in APA Style and should be reflected on your reference page. Your PowerPoint should be a minimum of 12 slides in length, not including title and reference pages, include proper APA formatting (including properly formatted headings for each section of your plan), and include at least two academic references (including your course text)



Additional tips from the class instructor:

I wanted to take a moment to review some important information and tips for the unit 3 assignments.


For this assignment you will be asked to review a brief scenario and create a presentation giving a basic overview of Organization Behavior Management and how the principles of behavior analysis can be used with staff members. This presentation should highlight the effectiveness of OBM and provide some background on the basic principles.

It might be helpful to think about the outcomes that are addressed in this assignment:

1.    Analyze behavior management programs using fundamental principles of behavior.

2.    Achieve goals through planning and prioritization.

We have just started discussing some of the applications of OBM. Therefore, you should provide an overview of the basic principles and OBM consistent with what we have discussed so far.

Always review the project rubric. Remember this is where I will be deriving your grade from and it provides a great guideline by which to determine if you have met all the necessary points.

Note that the staff needs to be sold on the process so make sure you highlight the importance and key areas for each step. Utilizing some of the techniques and discussion from Chapter 13 of your text could be helpful here. Also remember to use non-technical language and provide examples when possible so that everyone you are presenting to understands what you are describing.

You should not create an intervention or focus on the target population within the organization. Do not create an assignment that focuses on the potential problem within the organization instead focus on describing the science and effectiveness behind OBM/ABA!

Remember this is a power point so have fun with it! You may use clip art, animation, fun colors etc. but you are not required to and will not lose points if you choose not to include them









Grading Criteria Points

Possible Points




  Clearly defines all important aspects of Organizational Behavior Management.

Describes a specific application of OBM in detail.

Contains no misunderstanding


  Clearly and correctly explains the fundamental principles of behavior and provides examples of how each is applied organizations including a discussion of:

Respondent Conditioning

Operant Conditioning

Verbal Behavior



Clearly discusses why a behavior analytic approach is preferred to a non-scientific approach.



Clearly identifies and describes specific reasons that ABA principles are important when creating behavior management programs






PowerPoint presentation includes a title slide, introduction slide with thesis statement, conclusion slide, and in-text citations and reference slide using APA style.

Presentation is appropriate in length (body of the presentation should be a minimum of 12 slides, not including the title slide or reference slide).

Presentation includes reference to the text book and at least 1 other academic source.



Presentation uses Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Presentation is free of typographical errors.

Presentation includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.

Presentation demonstrates superior organization; communication is highly ordered, logical and unified.






An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade.






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