Part A


Sensation and Perception Provide 2 examples that relate to what happens when people are deprived of external  sensory stimulation; Describe the basics of how we taste, smell, and feel; and provide one example each of how this determination is made.

Learning and Conditioning Describe 3 principles of classical conditioning. Provide an overview of the 2 principles that comprise the consequences of behavior. Describe 4 principles of operant conditioning.

Part B Video Question  


B.  Choose 1 video in the Things To Do folder and write a video summary following the attached instructions. 

Video Link:

 The Relationship Between Sensation and PerceptionDuration: (3:19)
YouTube URL:

Please follow the format instructions noted below for Part B: 




Your Video Summary response should include the following queries (double-space): 

ü The overall Video was about…

ü I agreed, question or thought something different because… 

ü Your thoughts – I think this video might apply (now or later) to me or my life (at home, school, socially, or at work) because…. your answer.

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