To complete the attached worksheet, download and save a copy of it with your first and last name in the document title, answer the questions and attach your completed copy here. Also attached are the article which must be used for completing it and a completion tip sheet.  The tip worksheet can be used both for preparation review before beginning the worksheet and as a checklist after you have completed the work to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

The worksheet guides you through the process of unpacking the key elements of the published scholarly journal article attached to this screen and demonstrating APA source citation skills, activities you will engage in frequently in the completion of a variety of assignments including essays, research papers and literature reviews in future courses.

Quoting is not permitted.  All answers must be written as paraphrases, meaning that you must restate what you read in your own words, with the exception of technical terms such as the names of diagnostic tests. You are not required to source credit the article in your answers to the Section I. “Key Article Components” questions.  Section II. “Source citing and reference listing in APA format” is where you will demonstrate knowledge of how to correctly format source crediting in APA style.

Answers will be graded for accuracy, thoroughness, clarity and correct grammar and spelling. Your typed responses beneath each section of the worksheet should be double spaced and the total page length when completed should be at least 7 pages.

Content of the worksheet document may NOT be removed or reordered.  Answers must be inserted in the spaces provided under each question.


Assignment Grading Rubric


Content: Maximum of 80 points Thoroughly and completely describes previous research and authors’ rationales for conducting their study. (10 points) Accurately identifies the research method used and why it was well suited for the study.  (10 points) Accurately identifies and describes the participants in the study. (10 points) Correctly and complete describes all measures used in the study (10 points) Correctly and complete describes all data analyses used in the study (10 points) Thoroughly summarizes the results of the study. (15 points) Thoughtfully describes the conclusions reached by the authors, the implications of the results, and the limitations of the study. (15 points)

Citation: Maximum of 20 points (10 points each) Accurately presents how to give credit to published authors with in-text source citing Accurately presents how to give credit to published authors with a Reference listing Supporting Materials PSYC101 Week 6 Worksheet Completion Tip Sheet.pdf (511 KB) PSYC101 Scholarly Journal Article for Worksheet Assignment.pdf (104 KB) PSYC101 Worksheet.docx (21 KB)

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