Assignment: Consider the case of the collapse of an Azande granary. Pick two of the relational models and show how they organize the Azande response to the injuries people sustain. Relate at least one of these two relational models to Azande witchcraft beliefs or their use of oracles.

Please answer the question in light of the course lectures, readings, and discussions.

Write this paper as if you were explaining it to a peer in this class. They are relatively aware of the theoretical ideas, but you should explain the concepts briefly, and persuasively demonstrate how they illuminate the phenomenon.

Our aim in giving you this assignment is for you to learn how to carefully and rigorously apply a theory to understand some aspect of human life. Your essay should be at round two pages, but you may write up to a maximum of 3 pages. It should be double-spaced, paginated, pages stapled together, with your name on each page. Use Times New Roman, 12pt. font, 1-inch margins all around. Make sure you have proofread the paper at least twice.

Cite all sources. Citation format is not crucial, so long as it is complete and consistent. References at the end do not count toward the allotted length of the paper.

At the bottom of the paper, paste in and sign the following statement (it also does not count toward the allotted length of the paper):


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