Journal 9

There are many emotions that affect a couple that divorces. Using the information below share your perspective of how divorce impacts each of the partners or how divorce affects the children. If you have experienced divorce in your life you can share your personal experience.

Partners may experience:

Divorce Hangover- the person is unable to let go of the fact of their divorce, reorient themselves as single parents, or develop new friendships.

Separation Distress: Depression, Stress, Anxiety & Anger


Feelings of being stigmatized

Health problems

Loss of closeness to children

Financial stress

Change of living

Children may experience:


Sense of Relief – better emotional health from being

removed from parental warfare and conflict.

Rather one health parent than two unhappy


Unwanted Split

Stress, Guilt, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Withdrawal

Less Social And School Competence

Health Problems

Worry about finances or who will pay for college

Changes in living arrangements-two homes

Feel abandoned

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