The following is the assignment with details and specifications.  It is due by 8:00 pm central standard time on Friday, 8/26/16.

Plagiarism checker should be used.  Paper should be written with apa guidelines.  Spelling, punctuation and proper grammar preferably using grammarly software or another comparable software.  There should be citations throughout the paper, WITHOUT using any direct quotes or quotation marks where cited, but make sure paraphrasing with citations are used throughout entire document. References should compare back to the citations and be properly cited.  You need to use parenthetical citations in your responses.  No quotes are permitted to be used at all.

Please use subheadings when applicable.



Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you examine language as it relates to cognition. Address the following:

Define language and lexicon.

Evaluate the key features of language.

Describe the four levels of language structure and processing.

Analyze the role of language processing in cognitive psychology.


Your introduction paragraph should clearly summarize the major points that you will be discussing in this paper. Rather than talking about the paper itself or saying things like “this paper will discuss,” you should just be providing an introduction to the topic itself. Imagine this is a journal article and focus on what you want the reader to get from the introduction. You should have some sort of thesis or topic overview to give the reader an idea of what will be coming. Since this is a language paper, you would be previewing the major ideas that are required in the assignment, providing a window into the body of the paper by mentioning there are a number of key features of language that are important to understand in order to understand language processing. 

Language and lexicon

Here you would have your definitions of these two important terms, supported by the readings. Make sure to have your citations after the paraphrased sections and make sure there are no direct quotes (author’s last name, publication year). 

Key features of language

Here you would be discussing what the key features of language are, based upon the readings (author’s last name, publication year).

Language structure and processing

Four levels of language structure and processing have been identified. First, …. Make sure you discuss all of the levels here and support with evidence (author’s last name, publication year). 

Language processing

Here you need to be analyzing (which means more than just defining) the role of language processing in cognitive psychology (author’s last name, publication year). 

Your final paragraph should be the conclusion paragraph where you summarize the major points you have discussed in the body of the paper. Again, don’t refer to the paper and don’t use first person anywhere in your paper. In the conclusion you should not be bringing up anything new. You should just be giving the reader a brief yet comprehensive summary of what you talked about in the paper. Tell them what you told them!



Grading guidelines


60 PercentPoints Earned


•Defines language and lexicon.

•Evaluates the key features of language.

•Describes the four levels of language structure and processing.

•Analyzes the role of language processing in cognitive psychology.Comments:

Organization and Development

20 PercentPoints Earned


•The paper is 1,050 to 1,400 words in length.

•The paper is clear and organized; major points are supported by details, examples, or analysis.

•The tone aligns with the assignment’s purpose and is geared toward the appropriate audience.

•The paper provides relevant and sufficient background on the topic.

•The paper is logical, flows, and reviews the major points.Comments:

Mechanics and Format

20 PercentPoints Earned


•The assignment file is presentable and functional.

•Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.

•The paper—including the title page, reference page, tables, and any appendices—is consistent with APA guidelines.Comments:

Additional Comments:

Total Earned 




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