For  the first piece of your signature project you will locate a  professional publication in a professional (not student), psychology or  psychological journal that was published in the last 5 years. Then you  will create an APA reference following the formatting shown below for  that article.  This is the first step in a semester long project, that  will culminate in a written APA article critique, be sure to select an  article in which you are interested, and that you are able to understand  (do not select articles that are written in a lot of jargon or that are  too technical for a nonprofessional.  Again, the following rules should  apply: The article must be available on one of the El Centro College  Library Database (preferably Academic Search Complete), the entire text  of the article must be available, it must be a journal article from a  professional psychology related journal and must be available in  English, it also must be published within the last 5 years.
To put together your reference page, you will need the following  information, names of the authors (last names and first initials only –  no first names), year of publication, name of the journal article, name  of the journal, volume number, issue number, page numbers, and the doi  number.  If you cannot locate all of these choose a different article,  but most professional articles will have all of these available. Pay  close attention to the powerpoints on APA style and to the instructions  on the template. It is essential you follow the instructions exactly.
Follow the instructions I gave in class, and the attached template,  do the first page and the last, pay attention to the details and  instructions.
Use the attached template to construct your reference, note you will  only be using the first page and the last page, do not make changes on  the middle pages at this time.
At the end of the semester, your paper will contain the following:
  Cover page Abstract page Introduction (at least one full page) Summary (at least two to three full pages) Critical Analysis (at least one full page) References We will work section by section throughout the semester, this  assignment only deals with the first and last pages. You must find your  own article, two people cannot work on the same article at the same  time. 
Formatting will not be graded on this part of the assignment, but the  content of your reference and title page will be graded. These are the  first and last pages of the template respectively. This assignment is  worth 25 points. 


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