this is a simple discussion post of 200 words 



In a minimum of 200 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following: Take the multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills survey (MAKSS) — copy and paste the link in orange in your browser to view it 
and write a brief reflection on your score. You are not required to share your score but rather a reflection on what you learned from taking the assessment. Identify three cultural groups to which you belong and how the complex nature of these cultural memberships has impacted your development. Identify at least two groups for which you seek additional awareness, knowledge, and skills. Define the purpose of multicultural competencies. Identify how your level of competence may impact your work as an ethical counselor.

Support your rationale and analysis by using at least two resources from professional literature in your response. Professional literature may include the Argosy University online library; relevant textbooks; peer-reviewed journal articles; and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites ending in .edu or .gov).

Be sure to read all of your fellow classmates’ original posts and respond to more than two of your classmates’ posts. Your responses should be substantive, meaning they should encourage further dialogue and discussion, encourage your classmates to think about other aspects of the topic, compare your response to your classmates’ responses, or ask a meaningful question to better your understanding. Responses such as “I like/I agree” or “I don’t like/I don’t agree” are not complete enough.

Your discussion posts and all written assignments should reflect graduate-level writing skills and appropriate use of APA style, including in-text citations and references.

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