Please answer these 5 questions. Answers have to be minimum of 2 pages per each question. 12 point font and double space. At least 4 biblical reference has to be made per question. 

Please turn in the exam by Tuesday 12th. Any late exams will be deducted by letter grade. 

Cheating will result in automatic failure. 

1. Which book and chapter discuss the kenosis passage. Please discuss what kenosis means according to the scripture. How can this be applied to our own lives? 

2. How are Colossians and Philemon similar and related. Most of all, what kind of message does these two books give Christians today?

3. What is the main message of the book of Romans? Who were the main theologians that were influence by the book of Romans throughout church history? Why is the book of Romans relevant to today’s culture?

4. Which two passages describe the qualifications of elders (book and chapter)? Which passage describes the qualifications of deacons? Then discuss what the qualifications are and name one deacon that was executed for his faith. 

5. Please discuss the seven churches in the book of revelation. Please discuss about the positive and negatives concerning the seven churches. Which church was most praised by God? Which church would you like to belong and why?

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