Provide one example of use of PECS and how to teach a non-verbal child to communicate using the PECS system.
Identify two likely aspects of Skinner’s system of Verbal Behavior to teach the child and describe how this might be accomplished.
Question: Why are these important for language development and to teach communication skills?

Novak & Pelaez (2004) Text: Chapter 8, and Chapter 10, pp. 363-369.
Bijou & Ribes (1996) text: Chapter 5
Charlop-Christy, M.H., Carpenter, M., Le, L., LeBlanc, L, & Kellet, K. (2002). Using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) with children with Autism: Assessment of PECS Acquisition, Speech, Social-Communicative Behavior, and Problem Behavior. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 35, 213-231
PECS article: Bondy, A.S. (2001) PECS: Potential benefits and risks. The Behavior Analyst Today  2 :127-132. Retrieve from: 
View Core Concepts Module 7: Skinner’s System of Verbal Behavior & Language Training
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Watch this PECS Video at: Watch the video at:
Watch this PECS Video at:

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