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  G Edwards1.       Using operant conditioning principles, how might you structure a behavioral approach to working with Ethan in a way that directly addresses his problematic behaviors?  What techniques would you use? Be specific and explain your rationale thoroughly . It’s clear that Ethan enjoys receiving rewards as he likes to get what he wants. To address his problematic behaviors, I would create a behavioral chart that would display his problematic behaviors. Each time he conducts the behavior, he would receive a tally mark. If he has a certain amount of marks by the end of the day, he will not be able to receive a reward. This method teaches him that he has to earn what he wants and to teach Ethan that certain behaviors will not be tolerated


2. As a result of your intervention, as mentioned in question 1, what specific behavioral changes might you expect in Ethan as a result of employing these techniques? Again, be specific and detailed in your response.  The specific behavioral changes I would expect to see is Ethan displaying more positive behaviors if he would like to receive a reward. This technique would show Ethan that if he wants anything he has to behave in a manner is appropriate. This will also teach Ethan that negative behaviors do not contribute to receiving rewards.  



Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy


3.  Using the rational-emotive behavior approach to therapy, apply the A-B-C method mentioned in the course lecture notes to either a real life situation that you have experienced or create a scenario to illustrate how the realization of beliefs influence the consequences of behavior. Be sure to clearly label each component (A)ctivating event, (B)elief, and (C)onsequence in your example to show how they relate and the progression of the behaviors.  Then take the ABC model full circle and include the (D)isputing and the (E)ffect of the  disputing process. Clearly explain in detail how each step in the ABCDE process is playing out in your scenario.


Activating Event : I could not trust a woman due to past relationship experiences

Belief:  Remain single because happiness only exist in fairy tales

Consequence:  Kept myself isolated and not allowed anyone to be a part of my life

Disputing:  I made a decision to try to be in a relationship again because I did not want depression or loneliness to be a part of my life

Effect of Disputing:  I am now married to a beautiful woman who has given me 3 daughters and I have been happy since we first got married

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