Hi! So, most of our legwork for this assignment is going to take place in this thread; we will all contribute to this thread by first providing common statements and then by discussing the findings of the article linked below.

I selected this article because it directly addressed how the efficacy of treatment correlates to self-stigma in clinical patients and I think that a stigma is going to be a commonality in our discussion, whether just in general terms or from personal experience. If you don’t like this article or you find a better one, please feel free to link it and we’ll discuss them all!


In the thread below, please discuss the following:

1. Common statements about medication that you have heard, or thoughts about taking medication for mental disorders that are commonly heard in our society.

2. Your views on the article

3. If your views were changed by the article and why or why not

Please participate in this thread by Friday, March 9.

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