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Must have access to this book! You are to choose a personal behavior you want to either stop or begin. Using one or more of the learning theories described in the text, you are to create and implement a treatment plan. (Theories of human learning: What the professor said, (6 th edition). Belmont, CA: Thompson. 

Author: Lefrancois, G.)


The paper should be written according to the following guidelines:

1. Section I—a description of the behavior you want to stop or start and the goals you are establishing regarding this behavior. When you describe the behavior make sure to support your point by citing research findings from other sources (research articles). Also, a description is required of the strategy/treatment plan that you are going to implement. This description should include an explanation of why you have chosen the particular learning theory(s) from the textbook and how you anticipate applying them to your situation. Cite research findings wherever applicable.

2. Section II—a report on the results. After completing section I, you need to implement the treatment plan for a minimum of three weeks, after which you will report on the results in terms of whether goals were met, what adjustments you made, and what you learned from this process. Whether it brought any changes in your motivation, cognition or general lifestyle.

The grade is based more on the content of the treatment plan and what was learned from the process and whether or not there was success in stopping or starting the behavior. 

The length of the paper should be of at least 3 pages (double spaced) plus a reference page. Cite at least 5 findings from external sources (research articles). All cited sources should be listed in the paper and on the reference page. APA formatting.


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