The required textbook for this course is:Berger, K. (2014).  The Developing Person, Through the Life Span (9th ed.).   New York:  Worth.


In the first part of this assignment (due by 11:59 p.m. Friday ), you will need to:  

1)  Defend both sides of this debate. This will require you to read the following sources and pull out the information that supports the view that medication is the only effective treatment for childhood ADHD and the information that refutes the view that medication is the only effective choice.  Using the provided sources, you’ll need to summarize the information for each side (in your own words and using proper citation) and post  200 word summaries to the Class Discussion Board forum titled: Is medication the only effective way to treat childhood AHDH? – Part 1 (Medicating ADHD: Too Much? Too Soon?) (The Ritalin Debate) ( Combination Of Drug And Behavior Interventions Are Most Effective For Treating Teenagers With ADHD) (NIMH Multimodal Treatment Study) (ADHD Drugs: Heart Screen Recommended)  You are free to use other sources including your textbook.

2)  Read and reply to at least two other student posts ( providing 150-300 words each ).  Your reply should be relevant, substantive, and respectful.   Your reply needs to extend the original post (through examples or additional sources/information/research), challenge the original post, and/or critique the original post.


I will pay you later on $5 for two 150 responses, in a post I will make.

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