Using the case study below follow the instructions as listed. Due by 9:00 am EST Tuesday  

This is the case study: Regular work pattern for an operative with epilepsy 

A machine operator on shift work developed epilepsy. Her employer was concerned that this might increase her risk of personal injury or put others at risk. 

The company involved the employee and, with her consent, her GP. They found the operative was more likely to have seizures if her sleep pattern was disrupted, so a move to day shifts gave her a regular work pattern and she was better able to manage her condition. 

Answer these questions in the paper. Everything is explained

Client File Project

(9 pages, 6 page body, title page, abstract page, references):

1. Demonstrate the screening process through which the counselor, consumer, and others determine the most appropriate course of action to meet the consumer’s needs and the available resources within the community by determining the eligibility to a particular program. Identify the appropriate screening instrument to use when determining the eligibility of a client into a program. Gather information from client and collateral sources. Validate screening instruments, including their purpose, application, and limitations. Use a screening instrument.

2. Identify the counseling theories that have been utilized in the file. Describe the theory and theory techniques that are effective. 

3. Who is on the treatment and referral team? What are each person’s duties and responsibilities? How is your position as the case manager important? 

4. Have you checked the referral dates and requirements? What are the diagnoses and issues that your consumer is having based on the latest DSM? What are the next steps that you and the team will pursue to effectively assist the consumer? What are some multicultural considerations? Familial considerations? 

5. Develop a reference list. Be sure to include the authors’ views inside the paper. 


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